Wholesale Order Form

Terms & Conditions

Heartland Integrated Technologies, LLC (D/B/A Practical Protection) ("Practical Protection") welcomes you ("Dealer") to its family of dealers. These Terms & Conditions constitute an agreement between Dealer & Practical Protection that governs the topics included herein.


Dealer Price
The Dealer Price is calculated based on the number of units purchased, with each individual CoverMe-Seat constituting one unit, in a given calendar month.

Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, the Dealer Price for the CoverMe-Seat will be $100 USD per unit if the number of units purchased in a calendar month is less than 25, $90.50 USD per unit if the number of units purchased is between 25 and 99, and $86.50 USD per unit if the number of units purchased in a given month is at least 100. For purposes of clarification, a CoverMe-Seat two-pack counts as two units. Auxiliary plates are priced at $80 for orders up to 25, and $75 for orders of 25 or more.

Practical Protection desires to incentivize the Dealer to invest in promoting and marketing the CoverMe-Seat, while recognizing that some months will see less sales than others. Therefore, Practical Protection agrees to extend the lowest Dealer Price achieved for a period of six months, including the month that the lower pricing is achieved. In other words, the Dealer Price for a particular month shall be calculated based on the highest number of per-month purchases from each of the previous six months. For example, if Dealer purchased 25 units in January, the Dealer Price shall be set at $90.50 for that month, and shall remain at $90.50 through June of that year, even if Dealer purchases less than 25 units per month from February to June. If Dealer purchases 25 units in one of those months (or 100 units for the lowest tier pricing), the Dealer Price is extended accordingly.

Retail Pricing
Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the CoverMe-Seat is set at $149.95 for a single unit and $284.99 for a two-pack.

The Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) for the CoverMe-Seat is set at $134.99 for an individual seat, and $259.99 for a two-pack. Dealer agrees not to promote, market, advertise, or sell any product on or through any physical or online marketplace for less than MAP, except with the written consent of Practical Protection. Dealer may offer coupons that reduce the unit price below MAP, but may not advertise or otherwise promot these coupons in conjunction with the CoverMe-Seat. Dealer may create and promote product bundles that include the CoverMe-Seat, but the bundled price may not be less than MAP.

Practical Protection values its relationships with its Dealers, and agrees to follow the same MAP rules that it requires of its distributors.

Practical Protection and Dealer may collaborate on a special pricing arrangement for bulk customer orders, but must do so in advance of any orders being placed.

Payment Terms
Invoices shall be sent to Dealer at the end of each calendar month in which purchases are made for purchased units and shipping charges. Invoice terms shall be Net 30. Dealer agrees to remit directly to Practical Protection's bank account via ACH transfer.


Practical Protection agrees to ship or arrange for the shipment of each order from its domestic distribution center to Dealer's shipping address within two days after the order is submitted. Practical Protection will notify dealer immediately if order exceeds Practical Protection's available inventory.

Practical Protection will not provide shipping to locations outside of the United States, unless otherwise agreed to in advance of the sale.

Unless subsequently provided for elsewhere in writing, the shipping charge will be equal to actual costs incurred, but will be no more than $10 per unit.

Returns & Warranty
For reasons unrelated to quality, items may be returned by Dealer within 30 days or by Dealer's Customer within 60 days. Dealer is responsible for shipping returns to Practical Protection. Practical Protection agrees to refund an amount equal to the Dealer Price for that unit, minus a re-stocking fee of $10. For clarification, the restocking fee shall apply to each individual CoverMe-Seat, whether sold as an individual order or as a two-pack.

For reasons related to quality, Practical Protection will work to minimize the impact to Dealer and Dealer's customers in the event that a defective product is received. Practical Protection will pay charges related to shipping, and will waive the re-stocking fee for a period of one year after the sale to dealer, or six months after the sale to customer, whichever is shorter.


Dealer may not:

  • Purchase CoverMe-Seats from any person or company other than Practical Protection (no restriction on ballistic plates)
  • Sell the products to any party with the reasonable understanding that such party plans to re-sell the products
  • Create and use its own photographs or other media depicting the products without permission from Practical Protection


Nothing herein contained may be construed as to create a partnership, joint venture, or franchising relationship between Practical Protection and Dealer.

This agreement may be terminated at any time by either party, provided that absent non-payment or other substantial breach, such termination shall only become effective at the end of the calendar month.

This agreement is governed by the laws of the state of Washington. Both parties agree that in the event of a dispute, they will first attempt mediation. If mediation fails, they agree to submit to arbitration, subject to American Arbitration Association rules.

By submitting this form Dealer agrees to be bound by these Terms & Conditions. By processing the Dealer's order, Practical Protection also agrees to be so bound.