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CoverMe-Seat + Ballistic Panels + Supplemental Plate
CoverMe-Seat + Ballistic Panels + Supplemental Plate
CoverMe-Seat + Ballistic Panels + Supplemental Plate
CoverMe-Seat + Ballistic Panels + Supplemental Plate

CoverMe-Seat + Ballistic Panels + Supplemental Plate

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Achieve maximum protection with a CoverMe-Seat (includes 2 Ballistic Panels & 1 Supplemental Rifle-caliber Plate)

The CoverMe-Seat is two products in one package. In one configuration, it is a premium-quality seat-insert with a self-supported back, a slim yet well-padded profile, made of rugged, easy-to-use materials. In its other configuration, it’s a Convertible Bulletproof Vest embedded with Body Armor tested to NIJ IIIA  standards, making it the practical alternative to traditional vests and bulletproof backpacks. 

Your front and back are always protected from the most powerful handgun cartridges on the planet, whether or not you are using the plate, but with the supplementary ballistic plate, your back is also protected from high-powered rifle fire. This quality & caliber of bulletproof protection at this price is only available from Practical Protection.

Using a remarkably simple patent-pending conversion process, the CoverMe-Seat transforms from seat to vest in just a few seconds. As a seat or chair-insert, CoverMe-Seat is discrete and non-intrusive. As a vest, the CoverMe-Seat protects your front and back with dual panels of generously-sized ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene, an advanced fiber providing NIJ IIIA-level protection, the best soft-panel protection attainable.

The back pad of the CoverMe-Seat contains a fitted compartment for an optional ballistic plate that can protect the wearer’s rear against high caliber rifle fire.  The plate is a durable blend of ceramic and polyethylene that provides both enhanced protection and additional ergonomic support.

With the plate, the CoverMe-Seat weighs approximately 12 pounds, and can be taken anywhere that seat cushions are allowed: schools, offices, festivals and concerts. This is why the CoverMe-Seat is the most practical, affordable and effective protection available, even if you never have to put it on.


    CoverMe-Seat Specifications:

    • Sizing
      • Vest Fit: 4'0" - 6'3"
      • Chair Support: Up to 275 lbs
    • Protection Level
      • Tested to NIJ IIIA protocols (up to .44 magnum)
    • Ballistic Coverage:
      • Handgun: 350x300mm
    • Additional Protection
      • Rear Panel contains insert for optional ballistic plate
    • Color
      • Black
    • Materials
      • Nylon / Polyethylene
    • Weight
      • 6 lb seat / 6 lb plate

    ** This model complies with NIJ Standard-0101.06 for Ballistic resistance of Body Armor.**

    We utilize US-based NIJ accredited labs to test our soft panel ballistics, but also conducted our own supplementary testing.


    Check out our video to see the transformation process and to learn more.


      100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Return within 60 days, no questions asked, shipping costs waived. 1-year warantee for manufacturing defect, shipping costs credited upon receipt.

      We will replace any vest that takes a bullet or is otherwise damaged during an attack within the 5-year recommended use period. Just email us a police report and attach a picture of the vest, and we'll ship you a new one, without questions and completely free of charge.